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Voices From Our Alumni

Philipp Schröder, Managing Director and Chief Global Sales and Marketing at sonnen GmbH

REM-HSG allowed me to look at things from a different perspective, leading to new, unexpected solutions beyond business as usual. The program encouraged me to think out of the box and to discuss the market potential of renewable energies from different points of view.

Daniela Sauter

Daniela Sauter, Project Manager Renewable Energies at EKZ

I am highly satisfied with REM-HSG since this program has offered me a triple benefit: the latest knowledge provided by academia and practitioners, access to new networking partners, and plenty of new ideas for my daily business.

Daniel Becker

Daniel Becker, Managing Director at E.ON Off Grid Solutions

I enjoyed studying at REM-HSG because it provided me with new insights into the renewable energy business, enabled me to critically reflect from a distance and to bring in new ideas into my work as well as further develop within my company.

Sabine Herrmann

Sabine Herrmann, Manager Client Focus at Energie 360° AG

The great thing about the REM-HSG programme is that you get to learn about all the different aspects of renewable energy management in an international setting, be it through the practical knowledge delivered by industry professionals or through the application of general management methods.

James White

James White, Executive Director Defence Innovation Greenhouse

REM-HSG has been inspiring; with executives from all across the world each bringing their unique perspectives and working together to tackle global-scale problems. REM-HSG has allowed me to illuminate different aspects of my company, whether that be business modeling or technology.