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Disruptive Decentralization?
The convergence of solar PV, storage and e-mobility



Solar photovoltaic installations in Switzerland showed a startling year-over-year growth rate. The dynamic growth of solar highlights the question of how fluctuating electricity demand and supply will be coordinated in the future. Will traditional hydropower plants benefit from the growing demand for flexibility? Or will decentralized battery storage, whether stationary or in electric cars, play an increasing role?


Consumers’ expectations are high. According to the representative consumer barometer on renewable energies, published by the University of St. Gallen in cooperation with Switzerland’s leading retail bank, 74% of respondents think that batteries could revolutionize the electricity market. In Germany, almost every second residential solar PV system already comes with battery storage. At the same time, 44% of consumers could imagine their next car to be an electric vehicle. The market potential for solutions at the intersection of decentralized solar PV, storage and e-mobility is raising increasing attention. But how can intentions be converted to real action? Which are the most promising customer segments? Will policy makers in Europe keep up with the new opportunities? And what is the role of digital technologies and new financing solutions in creating viable business models? Answering these questions is at the core of REM-HSG 2021 – come and join a growing network of managers shaping tomorrow’s energy markets, today!